A great concept for incorporating technology into your classroom

The main thing I learned in this class was that technology has an exponentially large platform that can be used in teaching that I didn’t even know existed. My eyes were opened to many different tools that where discussed in great detail on how they can be incorporated into the classroom effectively. This was a concept that was emphasized repeatedly since the first class. Their are a multitude of technologies out their, this is something that is obvious in the generation that we live in. But we need to use these technologies effectively so our teaching is not hindered. Their was a quote given in our final class today that really tied what I learned in this class all together, “Mind set, not skill set”. It does not mater how well you are versed in the current available technologies but how well you can incorporate them into your classroom effectively. This was the most relevant and interesting university classes I have every taken.


An amazing tool that will make you a better presenter/teacher.

My favourite tool that I have learned during my master’s media class is an online presentation tool called prezi. It is my favourite because of a few reasons.

One, it has a zooming feature that makes things much more entertaining then just switching from slide to slide. Once you have become familiar with this feature you can really make things much more visually stimulating, especially when you get familiar with embedding. With this program you will also want to be much more focused on your picture selection. This program puts emphasis on the premiss that less is more. You learn to use pics that encompass your ideas and not lines of text. This forces you to become a better presenter.

Another reason is its usability. It makes incorporating videos and pics into one easy step. The formatting structure in this program is impeccable, no longer will you struggle with fitting videos, pics, and text.

This program is very smooth and if you are interested in learning I have posted a link below that will get you started. Open an account and follow along with this video step by step and you will be on your way.