The “Flipped Classroom“ is the future.

Hopefully you are pondering what does flipped mean and why is it the future. First, a flipped classroom is a pedagogical technique that encompasses modern technology. The strategy is to use less time lecturing and more time helping students individually. This can be attained by using the internet and mobile devices that today every student can access. (I am currently teaching in Seoul, Korean and am writing this blog with my area in mind.) Teachers will put their lecture in video form so they can be watched pretty much anywhere and anytime. This is where the term flipped comes into play, lectures are done at home or away from the classroom and assignments and homework are done in the classroom. This uses classroom time at its highest potential for learning.There are some great informational videos explaining in detail the above idea in the following link. Information and Video on flipped

Second, this is the future and it is happening now. The top technology school in Seoul, Korea, UNIST, is already implementing the flipped policy into practice. Their is an interesting article I found on the UNESCO website that talks in great detail about this implementation and you can read it by clicking on the following link. UNIST case study This is not only happening in Seoul but all over the world, I found some information on how India and France are using this paradigm as well which, can be seen by clicking the following. India`s shift  /   France This is a policy I think institutions every should be implementing if the technology is available.