How to keep equal participation within a group project setting


Brief description of an engaging group project.

l  There will be a topic given with designated affirmative and negative teams. Each team will work in pairs that will be assigned by the group leader who will also be responsible for creating a list that will have each pair’s name along with corresponding point. Final product will be a presentation using prezi or ppt. (equal participation is a must when it comes to speaking time). Collaboration and feedback must also be used via the team group chat created on their mobile devices. Research may be done during class using set devices.

Techniques to ensure equal participation within a group project setting.

  • There must be suited roles for each student. This is the tough part; you must make the partners strengths equal within the group. This is where discussion and communication will be stressed at its highest point.
  •  Having the team work in pairs will make it more difficult for shirkers (unproductive students) to go unnoticed.  Small groups within the team help with equal participation.
  • Inform the team that shirkers will be up to the group to handle.
  • Have an internal check mechanism that allows the students to vote out shirkers. Once they have been voted out the must persuade the group to let them back in or find another group. If this does not work the will receive a failing grade.
  • Have an annonomys assessment on partner and team effort, and a regular peer assessment. These must be very carefully designed.

Some guidelines for effective assessment planning

  • Make sure that what is being assessed is solid and outcome-based. (e.g. timeliness of contribution, attendance at meetings, contributions were relevant and the student met their objectives)
  • It is not appropriate to assess things like how hard an individual worked.
  • Assessments should be guided by well thought out questions.
  • Assessments should include justification for the score given.


Having a well-designed rubric that emphasises equal participation is very important as well.

  • Proper care must also be taken in this area.







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