Teacher Questionaire





  1. In your teaching career, what are the different softwares you had to work with? Which one did you find more apt and for teaching and why?









  1. Do you encourage your students for computer based activities and how do you guide them through it? 









  1. Is the time spent on the tool worth it?









  1. How does using the technology add to what the teacher or students can










  1. Is access to supported technology available at your school?









  1. Would you use professional development or instructional support to implement technology integration?








  1. Are there incentives in place at your school to ensure teachers receive appropriate training?









  1. What best describes your current practice of using technology in instruction?


 Please choose *only one* of the following:

a) seldom use technology to deliver instruction

b) almost exclusively use whole group presentation style either using an interactiveWhiteboard, PowerPoint or other instructional software to explain or demonstrate concepts or instruction

c) often use whole group presentation style, but sometimes facilitate students in their use of a variety of information resources and hands-on activities

d) almost exclusively facilitate student learning by encouraging students to use informationresources and hands-on activities.



  1. How can technology help us to meet goals, engage learners, and differentiate?
















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